"Here's to the Mental Health Recovery Warriors"

"Here’s to the recovery warriors — the ones whose scars are more than skin deep, or maybe not visible at all. The ones who fight like hell against a seemingly invisible illness."

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"Living with Anxiety is like

Walking Through Sand"

"People always have a lot to say about mental illness. Now I’d like to have my say, so I have decided to write my own story of what living with a mental illness means. This may not resonate with the feelings that many of you go through, but I do hope that it gives an idea of my everyday life and will therefore give you a better understanding."

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"Remembering Kate

A Story of Hope"

"I often wonder how she might have responded when that first depression set in, if, instead of being taken off to the hospital and isolated from the people who loved her and the world she knew, she had been surrounded with loving caring friends and family members."

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